Don't Just Take Our Word For It

TestimonialIcon"Dear Sirs: Your product is wonderful, just like home made. It is a pleasure to find a product like yours. Thank you." - Waterford, NY

"Best horseradish I have ever tasted!  I take brats and cook them on the grill.  When done, I cut into bite-size pieces and dip into your horseradish. YUMMY!" - Orange, MA

"We eat your horseradish every day - salads, soups, & stews.  Keeps the sinus flowing and the bad guys away." - Fabius, NY

"We just love your Farmers Old-Fashioned Horseradish.  It is the best we have tried." - Franklin, ME

"We are avid horseradish eaters. We really like the Farmers brand that is pure with no other added ingredients other than the root, vinegar, and salt.  Also, the type of grind and quality of the horseradish itself is simply the best.  Thank you kindly for the quality product." - Farmington, MN

"I recently purchased Farmers Prepared Horseradish and love its authentic taste, texture and heat." - Longmeadow, MA

"I believe your prepared horseradish is the best on the market." - Livonia, MI

"I love horseradish and having had many styles and grinds over many years, I can honestly say that yours is one of the best!"
- North Tonawanda, NY

"I would like to praise you on an exceptionally fine product.  I use your Old-Fashioned Prepared Horseradish on a variety of meats - exceptionally good on pork chops. I also mix it with vegetable dips and potato chip dips.  I have tried other brands, but your horseradish is absolutely the best." - Lansing, MI

"I just opened a bottle of Brede Beet Horseradish and served it with the Sunday roast.  It is wonderful!!!" - Bowling Green, OH

"I was raised in Indiana and have had horseradish of all kinds, fresh and prepared.  Farmers is one of the very best." - Chicago, IL

"I have found Farmers Horseradish to be far and above a superior product.  It possesses a rich, robust depth of flavor that I find the perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of foods.  Rather than mask food's natural flavor, Farmers enhances the richness of any dish I choose to serve it with.  As a person who appreciates a fine merlot, a distinctive gruyere, a robust cup of coffee, and a decadent dark chocolate, Farmers Horseradish pleases this New Yorker's discerning palate." - Ronkonkoma, NY

"My husband and I really enjoy good hot horseradish and yours is by far the best." - Montello, WI

"Thank you!  Thank you!  I have, after thirty years, finally found your Brede Old-Fashioned Horseradish that is a true example of what fresh ground horseradish should be.  How wonderful it was!  I have never in my 70 years, written to praise a product, but you have become an exception.  Sincerely." - Howell, MI