Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your minimum online order requirement?
    • Our minimum order total is only $5.25, and all of our great products can be mixed and matched to reach this minimum. 
  • What shipping method is best for me in order to maximize product freshness?
    • All Brede Foods perishable goods can last up to three days in transit.  For those who like to play it safe, we offer UPS Three Day Select as a shipping option in order to guarantee your product arrives within this window.  Depending on your proximity to Detroit, however, you may be able to get your product in three days or less using the slightly cheaper option of UPS Ground, but we strongly recommend you first check UPS' chart below in order to insure that you fall within this range.  Unless your shipping address is located in a brown or yellow zone on this map, you must upgrade to UPS Three Day Select in order to preserve your perishable good(s).