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icon_reviewsHere are the ten most recent reviews and ratings that our online shoppers have made about Brede Foods.  In our online store, you can see a full list of reviews and ratings specific to each product.

Susan Cosman said:
Wow! This horseradish is delicious! I tried it at a progressive dinner and it went with everything...roast beef, chicken, steak...I am hooked! I had to get some for myself.

Steven Taylor said:
Simply marvelous. I never knew how good horseradish could actually taste until I bought a jar of Brede's. Every bite was pure and fresh and just seemed so much more natural tasting than other horseradishes I have purchased over the years at my local grocers.

David Moretuzzo said:
The best mustard we have ever had. Only knew of a bar 40 miles away to get this mustard. We drove that regularly to keep our fridge stocked with this amazing mustard!

Jeffrey Wollock said:
I come from New York City. Strangely enough, in NY, it is difficult to find decent let alone great horseradish these days. The most common is Gold's, which is weak and far too vinegary. Several years ago my wife and I spent a couple of days in Chicago and we found your horseradish on sale. Now THAT is horseradish like from the good old days. Right up to the present we have never seen it in New York. But we remembered it ever since. Now we are in a small city in Texas where you can hardly find any horseradish at all. Good that we can order on line.

Bessie Crossland said:
Great cocktail sauce. The flavor is well-balanced and not too overpowering. I will continue buying this product.

Janet Wolverton said:
Best BBQ sauce EVER! Can't imagine grilling without it. Just used the last of a case and thought we were done forever, then thank goodness I found you on line! Now our backyard traditions can tastefully continue!

John R Kurt said:
That is the best horseradish you will ever buy.rnI bought some at the store in Cantril Iowa andrncan't find it locally. John Kurt

John Pallardy said:
I recently was given a jar of your Hot Mustard. It has so much flavor over ordinary mustards. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a little kick to there foods. It is not as Hot as you would think by it's name. Once you try it you will want to order more.

Terry Heath said:
I've been ordering this hot mustard for some time. It's simply the best!! Recently, my son from Las Vegas visited us here in MI, and, after he tried it, he said the same thing. He wanted to take some back with him, so he got my supply. His friends there luv it as well!! Great product!!

Sue said:
I have been buying this horseradish for many years but the 2014 crop must have been a poor crop because there is absolutely no bite to this at all, we are very disappointed in it this year!